Pearl Jam

Since mid-2009 I have served as lead Drupal developer for Ten Club, the Pearl Jam fan club, which manages the Pearl Jam and Soundgarden web sites. In that time I have worked on a variety of projects for them including:

Ben Harper

The maintainer of reached out for some assistance with several issues on the site, notably performance issues caused by the gratuitous use of an AJAX page loading framework and Flash throughout the site. We diagnosed the problem and after he removed the AJAX framework I was able to rebuild one of the main Flash elements, the universal collapsible page footer of featured links, using Views and javascript.


Based on studies done by the International Medical Prevention Registry on Venous Thromboembolism I was able to design and build a series of calculators to help doctors assess the risk of venous thromboembolism and/or bleeding in patients. The calculators were purposefully built using open technologies (Javascript, HTML, and CSS) to improve the usefulness of the calculators as not just risk assessment tools, but also as teaching tools to aid those interested in the underlying algorithms.

Gertrude's Hearse

A popular local band, Gertrude's Hearse, needed a better way to connect with their fans and share their music with the world. Using Drupal and some javascript magic we were able to create an easy way for the band members to add new tour dates, music, and news to their site and also help their fans get all the info necessary to make it to a show, learn what the band has been up to, and download the latest tracks.