Verdiem needed some help putting together a marketing site refresh in Drupal 7. Working with their team I helped them architect the optimal setup of content types, fields, views, contexts, and features. Then I built the theme from the provided design. And put together custom admin tools to help manage arbitrarily related blocks of content.

Marine Servicenter

I have shepherded this site through multiple iterations over the years, from static HTML to Drupal 5, Drupal 6, and now this latest release in Drupal 7. As a yacht brokerage that both sells and services boats of all sizes and configurations it is important for the site to emphasize the boating lifestyle as much as the boats themselves. I designed the site to showcase some of the many pictures, of the boats, as well as the boat owners enjoying the life their boats allow them to lead.

Render arrays and #cache in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 includes many new features, among them, render arrays. If you aren't familiar with render arrays the drupal.org documentation does a great job of explaining what they are, why they were created, and how to use them.


I started this project as a consultant, but soon found myself the lead developer. The initial challenge was to architect a solution in Drupal 6 using CCK, taxonomy, and Views that could handle the almost-but-not-quite-hierarchical data structure needed to represent a library of every gun ever made. We were able to come up with a workable solution involving the Computed field module and some custom code to tie it all together.

PNW Drupal Summit Highlights

The 2011 PNW Drupal Summit is over and I thought I might mention some highlights. My wife and two month old son came along to spend the weekend seeing the sights in Portland, so given that this was the first road trip with our first child, the complete absence of catastrophe was certainly the highest of the highlights. As for the conference itself there were many others, of which I will mention a few.

Heading to the PNW Drupal Summit

Excited to head down to Portland this weekend for the PNW Drupal Summit. I missed the 2010 summit due to other obligations, so I'm really looking forward to this. Looks like a good lineup of sessions, speakers, etc.

Brilliant Gallery

This is a complete rewrite of the Brilliant Gallery module. While porting the original module from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 for a client project I noticed a number of areas that could be improved. As I had time I gradually implemented those improvements and before too long I had rewritten the entire thing. A non-exhaustive summary of changes follows:


This began with a teaser site, promoting the return of Soundgarden. It was a single page site, built with Drupal, served with Varnish, that collected contact info via an ajax driven form, and displayed some archival footage of the band to get fans excited.

Pearl Jam

Since mid-2009 I have served as lead Drupal developer for Ten Club, the Pearl Jam fan club, which manages the Pearl Jam and Soundgarden web sites. In that time I have worked on a variety of projects for them including:


Following the success of the internet scavenger hunt I built for the release of Pearl Jam's Backspacer, several other bands expressed interest in doing similar promotions for their own releases. Visitors find images from the scavenger hunt on a series of popular sites, such as Rolling Stone or Spin, and by following each link are able to activate all the pieces of the puzzle. When all the pieces have been found a free song or video is displayed for download along with an entry form for a prize contest.