Verdiem needed some help putting together a marketing site refresh in Drupal 7. Working with their team I helped them architect the optimal setup of content types, fields, views, contexts, and features. Then I built the theme from the provided design. And put together custom admin tools to help manage arbitrarily related blocks of content.


I started this project as a consultant, but soon found myself the lead developer. The initial challenge was to architect a solution in Drupal 6 using CCK, taxonomy, and Views that could handle the almost-but-not-quite-hierarchical data structure needed to represent a library of every gun ever made. We were able to come up with a workable solution involving the Computed field module and some custom code to tie it all together.

Ben Harper

The maintainer of reached out for some assistance with several issues on the site, notably performance issues caused by the gratuitous use of an AJAX page loading framework and Flash throughout the site. We diagnosed the problem and after he removed the AJAX framework I was able to rebuild one of the main Flash elements, the universal collapsible page footer of featured links, using Views and javascript.