Pearl Jam

Since mid-2009 I have served as lead Drupal developer for Ten Club, the Pearl Jam fan club, which manages the Pearl Jam and Soundgarden web sites. In that time I have worked on a variety of projects for them including:

  • Multiple redesigns.
  • A code audit and cleanup to fix a botched Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 migration.
  • A javascript based tool to rearrange and remember the position of blocks of content on the homepage according to each user's preference.
  • A set of tools to check for and fix differences between accounts on multiple systems (Drupal, forums, and store).
  • An improved user syncing process between those multiple systems to reduce the need for the previously mentioned tools.
  • The Drupal side of an iPhone application using a mobile version of the theme, plus the Services module.
  • A scavenger hunt to promote the release of a new album.
  • And many miscellaneous changes and updates to various parts of the site.