I started this project as a consultant, but soon found myself the lead developer. The initial challenge was to architect a solution in Drupal 6 using CCK, taxonomy, and Views that could handle the almost-but-not-quite-hierarchical data structure needed to represent a library of every gun ever made. We were able to come up with a workable solution involving the Computed field module and some custom code to tie it all together. Other challenges that followed included importing large sets of data into the library, a review & discussion system built around the library, a feed aggregator with custom moderation, a question & answer section, designing a treatment for the content, and building a client to talk to a custom web service.

In a related project for the same client I also built a custom ad tracker that anonymously tracks visitors and the links they share, whether from social media services or just copying and pasting URLs directly. It is able to work across a multi-domain ad network. It uses PHP and Mongo DB on the server talking to javascript clients in the browser via JSONP to work around cross domain scripting issues.