omnifick adj. [omnis and facio, Lat.] All creating.

— Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary


Omnifik is the professional face of Brendan Andersen, a developer, designer, consultant, and entrepreneur. I have designed and developed websites since 1996, been paid for my efforts since 1999, toiled as a freelance developer since 2001, and started Omnifik in 2007. While my education yielded a degree in design from the George Washington University, the majority of my professional career has focused on development. Of that the lion's share has been devoted to PHP and javascript with small forays into .Net. I am of course also well versed in HTML and CSS, the constant companions of any web developer. My focus since 2007 is Drupal and the sites and applications it allows me to build for my clients.


Omnifik is a full service web development, design, and consulting company. My focus is Drupal development, but only because I have found that to be the most effective way to serve my clients' needs. I am also able to provide a range of other services including: general PHP and Javascript development, logo and web site design, user experience and information architecture, SEO / SEM and ad campaign consulting, system administration and server configuration, performance and security audits, and general technology consulting. If you have any other specific needs please contact me and I would be happy to discuss my ability to assist you.